Why we started Rogue

Hey all, 

A little background story on Rogue. We are obsessed with all things food, drinks and sugar at our house. The struggle of keeping those things we love in our life while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle is real. The struggle to find products that are better-for-you and that actually taste good is also real too.  We wanted to create an option for people like us to have both.
Rogue is also the name of our son. We wanted him to be his own person and to create his own path in life. So with that, Rogue was created. Our goal is to Go Rogue from traditional snacking, traditional dieting and the mental guilt that is often associated with drinks and food. 

Our first product we launched is a flavorless, plant-based energy shot called PowerON. With PowerON you can energize anything and make any drink an energy drink. Even food can be energized with PowerON. 

Benefits of PowerON:

1. You get to control the amount of caffeine in your drink. Most energy drinks and shots have way too much caffeine. Too much caffeine can result in dangerous side effects. 

2. You get to control the flavor. The taste of some of those energy drinks and shots are just plain nasty. Either those companies didn't get the flavoring right, it tastes artificial or it's just way too sweet. 

3. You save money. Energy drinks and shots are so expensive. If you are drinking them everyday you are throwing away huge amounts of money.

4. Plant-based caffeine. Majority of energy drink, shots, or powders are made with synthetic caffeine, meaning it was made in a lab. 

We are proud of this product and hope you will give it a try.